As can be seen from the chart/table
it presents the change/proportions/data
Basically, what is shown in the chart/table can be interpreted as follows:
For one thing, 2 , (此处写导致变化/比例/数据出现的第一个原因:需要从人们的意识变化思考一条原因;一定要写成短语的形式!!!且短语中需出现题目的主题词或主题相关词汇.)
from my point of view, may play a major role for the change/proportions/data shown above. This could be evidently backed by the fact that the ideology which underlies our action principles usually contributes to the internal cause of any social phenomenon we can perceive. The one in question—_1_ ,
(此空位于破折号后,重复写上面空1的内容) as revealed in the chart/table, is also no exception. After all, as a common sense, a change in motive is usually followed by the emergence of a change in reality. Expectation, demand, or the urge inside—any kind of subjective consciousness or mindset—makes a difference in our social behavior and will amount to a noticeable change, proportion, or data distribution among people when it draws upon the momentum of convergence effect. For another, the change/proportions/data can also be attributed to3/ can also be attributed to an obvious truth that3
A difference though individuals can make, any change or emerging trend, within the range of the households, social institutes, cities or even nations, may not take on without the push of the mainstream ethos of a certain group, the prevailing majority, or the progress that a society is undergoing.
首先,2 , 从我的观点来看,对该变化/比例/数据的出现可能起到了重要的作用.这一点可以很清楚的被以下事实所证明:即作为我们行动原则基础的意识形态通常是我们所能察觉到的任何社会现象的内因.我们现在讨论的这一现象——1, 如图中所示,也不例外.毕竟,作为一种常识,动机的改变往往伴随着现实中变化的出现.期望、需求或内心的冲动——任何一种主观意识或心态——都会对我们的社会行为产生影响,当它受到趋同效应的助力时,就会在人群中产生显著的变化、比例或数据分布.此外,该变化/比例/数据也可以被归因为3/也可以被归因为一个基本事实:3. 虽然个人可以带来改变,但在家庭、社会机构、城市甚至国家范围内的任何变化或出现的趋势,如果没有某一群体的主流意识、多数人或社会正在经历的变革的推动,都可能无法实现.
Clinically and arguably, the phenomenon is a combination of internal and external causes. The conclusion is easy to be drawn out and it is especially convincible when we see it in a broader and deeper perspective.
1 :a 地点’s people’s different…when doing… (in a…)(多用于饼图、表格)(在…地点)当做…的时候,某地人们的不同的…
2 :the number of A and B
3 :the different…among/of 人in a 地点
4 :a 地点’s residents’…during某节日或某一段时间
5 :the ratio between the C in A and the one in B
6 :the 人’ participation in…
7 :a 地区(单位)’s 人’ 态度/观点to/towards their…
8 :the C of different D in 某地区(方面)from 时间A to 时间B
9 :the ratio of C on D between A and B


19年热门考试话题套用 “保命10分”填写空2、空3的短语总结:
(一) 某市不同人群花费在手机上的时间比例(Plus: 居民在家中的休闲方式)
2 young people’s growing reliance on mobile phones
3 people’s preferred ways of learning and relaxing
2 年轻人对手机越来越多的依赖
3 人们偏好的学习和放松方式
(Plus: 居民在家中的休闲方式)
2 people’s needs to get relaxed and various ways of recreation available online for people
3 the fast-paced lifestyle of most working people
2 人们休闲的需求和网上各种供人们使用的娱乐方式
3 大多数上班族快节奏的生活方式
(二) 某市年均读书时间或纸质书、电子书、有声读物阅读的比例
2 young people’s growing reliance on mobile phones
3 the fast-paced life and people’s thirst for quick success and instant benefits
2 年轻人对手机越来越多的依赖
3 快节奏的生活和人们对快速成功和立竿见影的利益的渴望
(三) 我国居民出行方式(过年回家选择的交通工具、选择高铁的原因)
2 people’s growing needs for convenience and efficiency
3 (that) more alternatives are made available for people’s commuting and the growth of public transportation is picking up speed.
2 人们对方便和高效有越来越多的需求
3 人们的通勤有了更多的选择以及公共交通的加速发展
(四) 快递业的发展
2 the inherent need of the modern society which asks for convenience and efficiency
3 the rapid growth of e-commerce
2 现代社会对方便和高效的内在需要
3 电子商务的快速发展
(五) 男女在线购物方式(男女职业选择偏好,男女休闲偏好)
2 the preferences varied by gender
3 the service and resource offered by our modern society for the male and female
2 因性别而异而产生的不同偏好
3 现代社会为男性和女性提供的服务和资源
(六) 观看电影的选择(国产,北美,欧洲)
2 people’s higher expectation for domestic films and their improved quality
3 the enhanced promotion and marketing strategies
2 人们对国产电影更高的期望以及国产电影质量的提升
3 促销和营销策略的增强
(七) 大学毕业生的职业选择(就业,创业,考研)
2 people’s faith in the benefits that a higher degree can bring to them
3 a more fierce competition among the job-seeking crowd
2 人们对更高学位能给他们带来利好的信心
3 求职人群之间越来越激烈的竞争
(八) 新能源汽车的发展
2 people’s improved awareness of environmental protection
3 the preferential policies launched to develop energy-efficient cars
2 人们环保意识的增强
3 为节能汽车开发而出台的优惠政策
(九) 旅游目的地选择(亚洲,欧洲,北美,其它)
2 the curiosity to learn and experience exotic cultures
3 geographical advantage and more preferential policies to the travel of neighboring countries
2 学习和体验异国文化的好奇心
3 地理优势以及去邻国旅游的更多优惠政策
(十) 考研的原因
2 people’s faith in the benefits that a higher degree can bring to them
3 a more fierce competition among the job-seeking crowd
2 人们对更高学位能给他们带来利好的信心
3 求职人群之间越来越激烈的竞争