1. The economy has witnessed the strong and solid growth in the past several decades. Thus, XX is no longer somebody’s unbearable heaviness.在过去几十年中,经济一直稳固增长。因此,XX 已经不再是人们 的生命不可承受之重。

2. Chinese culture has long been attaching importance to the notion of XXX.中国文化一直以来关注…的理 念。

3. XX lays a solid foundation for people’s future glowing period.XX 为人们未来的光辉岁月打下了一个坚实 基础。

4. XX spring up like mushroom, which provides more carriers for XX. XX 正在如雨后春笋般涌现,而这为 XX 提供了更多平台。

5. In a world where novelty becomes people’s cup of tea, the popularity of XX is not hard to be explained. 在一个新颖成为人们心头所好的世界里,XX 的流行也就不难解释了。

6. With technology developing at an astounding speed, the Riddle of Sphinx of XX is now answered as easy as ABC.随着科技正在以一种惊人的速度发展,XX 的难题现在轻而易举就可以解决。

7. XX go like clockwork, which appeals to modern people who seek punctuality. XX 几乎从不晚点,而这对于追求准时的现代人格外具有吸引力。

8. XX are famous for their comfortable experience, which is attractive to today’s people seeking higher-standard lives. XX 向来以舒适的体验而著称。而这对于今天追求更高标准生活的人来说更具有吸引力。 9. The only fear they fear is fear itself. That is, being young is their venture. 唯一值得恐惧的就是恐惧本身。也就是说,年轻就是资本。

10. XX are on their way up in careers and XX makes them stand at a nonplus. XX 在职业中正在蒸蒸日上,而 XX 会令他们进退维谷

11. Middle-aged breadwinners are salt of the earth and faced with mid-crisis. 中年人是社会的中坚力量,而他们会遭遇中年危机。

12. They do not want to see their achievements go up in flames.他们不希望看到自己的成就毁于一旦。 13. Propelled by vast amounts of government money and visions of dominating next-generation technologies/talents, China has become the biggest supporter of XX. 在大量的政府资金以及主导下一代技术的愿景推动下,中国已成为最大的 XX 的拥趸。

14. Under the help of XX, XX can get their ducks in a row.在 XX 的帮助下,XX 可以做到兵来将挡水来土掩。

15. XX can help to get people off the hook. XX 能帮助人们摆脱困境。

16. Against the present-day backdrop, the environmental protection is not a choice, but a must. 在当今的背景下,环保已经不是一种选择,而是一种必须。

17. Under the influence of XX, people may follow the suit.在 XX 的影响下,人们可能会有样学样。

18. People are now confronted with rat-race.人们现在面临着激烈的竞争。

19. XX relieve people of pressure caused by cut-throat competition.XX 能缓解由激烈的竞争而带来的压力。

20. A key point is that XX is more fascinating and intoxicating.关键一点就是 XX 往往更有趣和令人沉醉。

21. Some people put cheapness in the first place.一些人将便宜放在首位。

22. XX have experienced some earth-shaking changes.XX 经历了一些翻天覆地的改变。

23. In this fast-moving world, efficiency-first mindset is too good to be true. 在这样一个快速发展的世界,效率至上的心态绝对是对的。

24. Keeping up with the Joneses is part of human nature.攀比/赶时髦是人性。

25. The base of…is big per se. XX 的基数本来就大。

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